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What Can You Do to Bridge a Skills Gap?

Only 40% of employees feel their companies are upskilling enough, leaving the workforce with a skills gap. There’s obvious room for growth that forward-thinking organizations will take advantage of by developing innovative strategies that will bridge the skills gap and create a workforce that’s prepared for the future. Learn what the skills gap is, what […]

Work and Play

How we learned to play as kids influences how we learn as adults.   There is a world at play just beyond the work. I know because I traverse this space multiple times a day as I step to and from my desk. Yesterday morning, a LEGO brick in my bare foot. Today, multiple blocks in […]

It can’t sound like school: designing a curricular tool for real-time value.

Recently we built a newly minted Entrepreneur’s Toolkit for Techstars, a global tech accelerator that has both start-up weekends and accelerators as programs they offer to entrepreneurs. We wrote and tested the content, designed the worksheet curriculum, curated the videos, and visually designed the site. As with most of the curriculum we design, we built […]

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