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To Build is to Learn

Great leaders craft teams and systems that learn.  If great teachers are to lead and great leaders are to teach, then they need to either support or build a learning organization.  Learning organizations push for and support a transformational leadership paradigm, rather than a transactional one, according to Prof. Bernard Bass. The idea here is […]


You might actually be someone’s favorite teacher.  Think about your favorite teacher for a moment. Who comes to mind?  Think about the traits, the qualities, this person showed. Chances are that your favorite teacher was present. They helped you solve problems. They set high expectations. They made you feel like you could do just about […]

To Lead is to Teach

If you’re going to lead effectively, you must teach reflectively. Today, your capacity to teach your learners and your team is a non-negotiable criteria for leaders in businesses, nonprofits, classrooms, and beyond.  The workers and students of today are accustomed to being able to answer any question in the matter of seconds, thanks to that […]

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