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To Lead is to Teach

If you’re going to lead effectively, you must teach reflectively. Today, your capacity to teach your learners and your team is a non-negotiable criteria for leaders in businesses, nonprofits, classrooms, and beyond.  The workers and students of today are accustomed to being able to answer any question in the matter of seconds, thanks to that […]

Work and Play

How we learned to play as kids influences how we learn as adults.   There is a world at play just beyond the work. I know because I traverse this space multiple times a day as I step to and from my desk. Yesterday morning, a LEGO brick in my bare foot. Today, multiple blocks in […]

My Operating System: Creating a Humanized Narration Frame for Students to Market Their Collegiate to Career Experiences

Collisions in College to Career When I was an undergrad at Mount Holyoke College, I signed a piece of paper declaring a traditional major, but I couldn’t have felt more misplaced at that moment. I despised having to be assigned a pre-formed label and nomenclature to my multiple passions. I always wanted to connect the […]

Planting Seeds: How Online Gaming Might Influence Innovation in Urban Agriculture

As we pass the one year mark since the pandemic plunged us into what feels like a completely digital existence, we reflect on the importance a truly immersive digital experience can have on our lives. Many things we thought could only be experienced in person are now virtual. However, we quickly learned that the relationship […]

Creating Socialization Opportunities in American 1st & 2nd Grade eLearning

Due to the COVID pandemic, teachers, and students have been forced to transition to eLearning. 1st and 2nd grade are so essential for academic success because it strengthens the basics to move forward successfully. Parents and teachers are worried that constant screen time and lack of communication will cause students to lose out on fundamental […]

Apply for the BUILD Design Fellowship for Summer 2019

About BUILD BUILD is a mission-driven co-working space for community-serving organizations located in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. The BUILD Design Fellowship is a partnership between Radian, a non-profit architecture and urban design group that serves community advocates through a people-centered approach. Together, we are excited to bring on a Community […]

Why college?

If colleges and universities want to increase student retention, improve graduation rates, improve industry relations, and enhance student-faculty engagement, they must alter their narrative and their products. Two weeks ago, our 9-year-old son Knox asked me, “Do I need to go to college?” It was that moment of parental panic when you think to yourself, […]

It can’t sound like school: designing a curricular tool for real-time value.

Recently we built a newly minted Entrepreneur’s Toolkit for Techstars, a global tech accelerator that has both start-up weekends and accelerators as programs they offer to entrepreneurs. We wrote and tested the content, designed the worksheet curriculum, curated the videos, and visually designed the site. As with most of the curriculum we design, we built […]

They are we: what I learned from teaching inside a prison.

Photo courtesy of Defy Ventures. Originally posted on on December 16, 2017. This is a story about my journey to and through Wallkill Prison a year ago today. What’s inspiring you lately? 10,000 people are released each week from prisons across the country and the majority will struggle to find any kind of employment. […]

Amplifying the subtle genius.

Can you remember the first time you discovered something profoundly beautiful? I can, and I’m happy to say, that I’ve discovered new layers to it on more than one occasion. We have a small, but respectable, vinyl collection in our home. Tucked away in my late grandmother’s credenza is an assortment of jazz, (good old) […]

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