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Amplifying the subtle genius.

Can you remember the first time you discovered something profoundly beautiful? I can, and I’m happy to say, that I’ve discovered new layers to it on more than one occasion. We have a small, but respectable, vinyl collection in our home. Tucked away in my late grandmother’s credenza is an assortment of jazz, (good old) […]

To designers looking for meaningful work.

Young emerging leaders are a driven bunch. I’ve seen it first hand in our work building Till School and in my teaching at Northwestern and Institute of Design. 79% of young leaders believe the best days are ahead based on this Telefonica global study. They value entrepreneurship, want economic progress that aligns with their values, and they believe they […]

Learning is personal.

Originally posted on on September 15, 2018. Reflections on learning design from the Virtual Harvard Yard. Recently I enrolled in a course at Harvard as part of a Certificate in Learning Design and Technology. As part of this first course on empowering the adult online learner, we have been asked to watch and write about […]

Exploration as learning.

Written by Chris Huizenga Thousands of years ago our ancestors took what they knew of seasonal animal migration and set off across a land bridge to explore and settle North and South America. Today, we take what we know of rocket science to explore new worlds and break the boundary of the interstellar. And tomorrow, […]

Learning interventions: centering on user needs as we customize learning experiences.

Learning interventions: centering on user needs as we customize learning experiences.

Written by Erin Huizenga How would you feel if you knew every instructor or facilitator you would have at a new job or school would have the freedom to design the learning experience for you based on your needs? What if colleagues or peers could also help shape these experiences for you along the way? […]

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